Alex Butler

Founder of KindredHQ, the freelance community, Helping freelancers be fabulous.

Alex broke for freedom and an independent career after a long career in corporate life. She founded the KindredHQ community to create a community of like-minded freelancers who want more out of life and their careers - people who felt the same way – unfulfilled and desperate for more meaning in work.

Founder of KindredHQ, a growing community platform for freelancers and independents,

Based in Wiltshire and London, Alex has a number of hats, including business strategy, organisational and digital transformation consultancy, community development and marketing. As a freelance consultant, she noticed that although many more people are choosing to work for themselves, there is very little in the way of support, practical or emotional, and decided to learn more about why and what could be done to help.

Alex has a lot of experience in navigating the new world of work and is passionate about creating the right environment and support systems to help people thrive. She's a frequent speaker and commentator on the future of work.


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