Instructors on Monkfeet are experts in their fields and have strong experience in the topic they are teaching.

They are industry professionals, academics, founders of startup companies, and expert advisers.

They are like every other employee, student or aspiring entrepreneur, only they are a few large steps ahead. And as such, they can help navigate the turbulent waters of finding urgent answers to big problems and getting ahead of the competition!

They create high quality courses and consistently have outstanding feedback from attendees.

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pic Paul Grant Entrepreneur, speaker and coach. Founder of The Funding Game
pic Slingshot Sponsorship Multi-Award Winning Sponsorship Agency
pic Jessica Huie MBE Founder JHPR
pic Lukasz Zelezny SEO and Social Media Consultant
pic Marc Williams Entrepreneur, Strategy Consultant, part-time Finance Director
pic Gemma Roberts Director at Kona Coaching
pic London App Brewery Learn to make apps from beginning to end
pic Suzanne Noble Founder FRUGL and PR guru
pic Edward Lynam Founder at Ideate Business Design
pic Alison Battisby Social Media Consultant and Avocado Social Founder
pic Rob Lee Social Media Consultant and Trainer
pic Jon Dawson Partner Kingston Smith
pic Metaspeech Public Speaking Coaches & Choreographers
pic Tom Stevenson Founder, The Twenties London
pic Jonas Altman Managing Partner at Social Fabric
pic Iain Clark Founder Red Power Station, video producer
pic Jeanne Le Roux HR consultant/ career coach / founder at JLR people solutions and JLR people coaching
pic Kobi Omenaka Digital Marketing Consultant: Head of Digital at Kobestarr Digital
pic Foodication Restaurants Open your restaurant!
pic Cris Rose 3D Printing Specialist

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What do our instructors teach?

Courses cover a range of essential business, technical and creative topics for entrepreneurial, ambitious people at all levels:

  • Business Essentials – Idea, Business Model, Funding, Value, Negotiation, ...
  • Marketing and Sales – Customer Acquisition, Social Media, PR, SEO, Blogging, PPC, ...
  • Management – Finance, Accounting, Tax, Legal, IP, ...
  • People – Team, Recruiting, HR management, Leadership, ...
  • Product and Technology – Web and Mobile Technology, Design, Development, ...

Monkfeet is continuously developing further topics and adding new courses. See our full list of current courses here.

To ensure quality we carefully review all course proposals on their fit with Monkfeet's topics and values, to ensure the highest quality and the continued trust of our users.

Where do Monkfeet courses take place?

Courses on Monkfeet can take place locally, in a classroom, a meeting room or a local café, or online in video format.

The venue arrangements we have established are generally centrally located and very adapted to courses. They are also mostly established within entrepreneurial communities. Contact us here.

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