How to Create an Elevator Pitch

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Need to impress at your next networking event, open relationships and win new business? PONY Express public speaking trainer Annik Rau & Elliot Kay will teach you how to create an elevator pitch to begin conversations and boost your brand.

This class will cover:

What is an elevator pitch, and why you need one
How to create an elevator pitch that aligns with your business goals
Perfecting your elevator pitch structure
Brilliant elevator pitch examples for inspiration

Pony Express has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs fall in love with pitching and presenting. With her expert elevator pitch tips, you will learn how to create a pitch that will become an incredible communication tool.

View examples of Annik and Elliot presenting:

Annik at College of public speaking

Annik at TedX Islington

Elliot (Power to Succeed)

Your instructor

Annik Rau Talent Scout & Founder at PONY Express

Annik started PONY Express from scratch after she kept feeling stuck with no confidence and fear of speaking up about her ideas because they might sound silly to others. Her focus is on Audience Connection & Authenticity just like Richard Branson would like it.

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Video lessons: 21
Total duration: 34 mins


Communication skills

Skills and Topics

pitching, presenting, speaking





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