How to Bootstrap your Startup

Paul Grant Entrepreneur, speaker and coach. Founder of The Funding Game 4.81

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What this course covers

How do you self-fund a start up when you cannot get an investor or banks interested?

Many of the most successful entrepreneurs around today did not launch their business with large private equity funding or heavy bank debt. They learnt how to create value from minimal resources - they learnt how to bootstrap their company. This is a skill and it can be learned by you too by taking this online course.

What you will take away:

  • The most powerful bootstrapping method for a start-up
  • A bootstrapping seven-step approach
  • Lessons from successful bootstrapped companies
  • How to market your business with little or no cash
  • Free and effective marketing tools can you use
  • How to adjust your business model for maximum impact
  • How to define your niche markets and reduce risk
  • How to build a high-value management team without the overhead
  • The right time to go for angel investment
  • A "100 hottest bootstrapping resources" list

Your instructor

Paul Grant Entrepreneur, speaker and coach. Founder of The Funding Game

Paul knows what it’s like to be on both sides of the funding fence. As an entrepreneur he raised funds for his own business, securing capital from business angels, bankers, family and friends, and even a government grant.

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Online course
Video lessons: 32
Total duration: 107 mins


Management training

Skills and Topics

funding, finance, startups, bootstrapping, lean





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    Ed Powderham 1 year ago

    This course was excellent and provides an inspiring end-to-end run through on bootstrapping a start up from idea generation to seeking funding. Paul ...

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