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Search marketing skills are essential for growing your business. Learn how to use AdWords online from search marketing expert Oren Greenberg, digital marketing specialist and founder of agency Kurve. He will share how paid search marketing works and AdWords tips for successful campaigns.

This AdWords training covers everything you need to get started with AdWords for your business, including:

- What is PPC and why is search marketing important?
- Insight into how to do keyword research and how to choose keywords for successful AdWords campaigns
- What an AdWords quality score is and how to improve quality score for better campaign performance
- Tracking and reporting AdWords performance

The AdWords videos are ideal for learning paid search for start ups, and suitable for beginners in need of PPC training.

Your instructor

Oren Greenberg Digital Marketing Specialist, Founder of Kurve

Oren Greenberg is a digital marketing expert and business owner with over 12 years experience helping businesses of various sizes grow.

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Online course
Video lessons: 14
Total duration: 67 mins


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Skills and Topics

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4.67 (2 Reviews)

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    Gemma Roberts 1 year ago


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    john cambell-hynes 1 year ago

    Hi Oren Sorry I have not been able to review your course yet as it was a knee jerk reaction to Black Sunday, but in a good way, I may add. As soon as ...

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