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What this course covers

PR is often viewed as a luxury beyond the reach of most small businesses. This workshop will inform and re-educate on the necessity of PR for business growth and enable you to set up, manage your own PR campaign and get results.

The workshop will address why PR is critical for business success and how it can help you to;

  • Secure investment from business investors
  • Secure buying interest from major chain-stores
  • Effectively connect with your target market to increase brand awareness and ultimately drive sales                    

By the end of the course you'll understand the best way to approach journalists and what to say, how to combine reactive and pro-active PR, the value of partnerships and how to identify the 'hooks' within your business which will be of interest to the media.

Learn how raising your profile can transform your business and create new opportunities, how to write a press release and why you need a biog. 

This course is for individuals who are keen to raise their profile for career and business success. 

Your instructor

Jessica Huie Public Relations (JHPR) was founded in 2008 by entrepreneur Jessica Huie MBE. Having spent over a decade working for two of London’s most high profile PR agencies, Jessica learnt from the industry’s best.

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Online course
Video lessons: 30
Total duration: 31 mins


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Skills and Topics

PR, Marketing, Media, Profile, coverage, Newspapers, Magazines, Business, Thought Leadership, Coverage





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    Kris 1 year ago

    This is a great short course that up skills you with a deeper understanding of PR in 30 mins. Thank you, this was perfect for my needs ...

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