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Finding your perfect career path

Do you want to create a successful, thriving and fulfilling career for yourself? Figuring out exactly what you want to do with your working life, and how you can achieve that can at times feel overwhelming, and the idea of creating your ideal and unique career path may seem like a pipe dream right now.

But what if you were to learn the science behind discovering the right career path for you? What if you learnt how to match what you want from your working life with the right role, business or organisation for you? The chances are you’d find yourself in a career that leaves you feeling satisfied, fulfilled and engaged.

No matter what kind of working life you want to create, there’s a science behind creating the right career for you. Often when we start our careers we just get going, learn as we go and embark on a long journey of trial and error. But the truth is there are effective and simple steps you can take to enhance your work satisfaction, and to reach your goal of doing the right work for you.

This course will provide you with the theory, exercises, tools and materials you need to discover your ideal career and to match that with the right role for you. By taking this course you’ll be taking the short-cut to doing work you love. You’ll be able to fast-track your career happiness and success as you’ll have the tools to help you move forward in your career swiftly and efficiently.

If you want the confidence and clarity to take your next career step…whatever that may be, the join us on our mission to help everyone do work they love.

Who is this course for?

  • Entrepreneurs and business owners who want to drive their business forward in a way that matches their unique talents, strengths and desired working lifestyle
  • Graduates, college leavers and school leavers who are just starting out in their career who want to create success in their working life from the get-go
  • Those who want to make a change in their working life and want to gain clarity about what the next step should be
  • People who want to be happier and more fulfilled in their career, and would like clarity about how to achieve this
  • Those who are feeling ‘stuck’ in their career and want the confidence to take the next step - whatever that may be
  • People who are considering starting a business or portfolio career and want the confidence to take the next step and create a thriving and successful working life
  • Those that want to perform at the top of their game at work, and want to focus on developing themselves to create success

What we will cover:

  1. The critical steps at the heart of discovering your perfect career - taken from the Career Compass™ Framework
  2. How to find your unique and ideal career match in order to create a fulfilling, thriving and successful career
  3. How to take what you learn during the course and put it into practice to see tangible results in your career (this is a very practical course, you’ll be working through career psychology exercises)

What next?

If only there were a method or a system that could create clarity, confidence, fulfilment and success in our working lives. Well, the good news is there is. Sign up for this course and learn how you can discover the right career for you, and how you can create the career you really want. At one point or another most of us have felt uncertain about our next career step, or stuck in a working situation that isn't right for us. This course is solution to figuring out your next steps in order to create your thriving career.

Your instructor

Gemma Roberts Director at Kona Coaching

Gemma Roberts is a chartered psychologist, specialising in coaching psychology, personal development, career development and building resilience. Gemma is the Managing Director of Kona Coaching, and she has spent over 10 years working with organisations such as Nestle, BP, HSBC, National Australia Bank, Qantas to name a few. Gemma has worked across sectors and industries, always with a focus on people development, leadership and coaching.

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    Jasvir Bahra 1 year ago

    This was exactly what I needed, great content, easy to follow and adapt at different stages of your journey. A great starting point for those who have ...

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