We believe the way that people are learning is evolving. People should have access to skills and knowledge in the convenience of their own time and comfort of their chosen environment. We want to provide a simple and easy to use platform, where you have the guarantee that all information is valuable and of high quality.

Whether you're seeking that next job promotion, looking to start your own business or learning a skill for a new hobby, we will provide you with quality content in a straightforward approach, always.

We are on a mission to help you get better at what you need to do. We understand that improving your skills isn’t always an easy process, that's why we're on hand to suggest not only the topics you want, but also the skills you need.

What is Monkfeet?

Monkfeet provides courses on essential skills for building and growing a business. We find top instructors who have expertise and experience in their area of teaching. Our courses are held locally in numerous venues across London. The format of our courses means you go away with tangible skills that you can put to practice straight away. See our full list of courses here.

Monkfeet courses

We cover a range of topics that we believe are essential for entrepreneurs.

  • Business Essentials - Idea, Business Model, Funding, Value, Negotiation
  • Marketing and Sales: Customer Acquisition, Social Media, PR, SEO, Blogging, PPC
  • Management: Finance, Accounting, Tax, Legal, IP
  • People: Team, Recruiting, HR, Leadership
  • Product: Web and Mobile Technology, Design, Development

We are developing further topics and continuously adding new courses. See our full list of courses or request a course that you would like to see.

Instructors on Monkfeet

Our instructors are experts and have strong experience in the topic they are teaching. Instructors can be entrepreneurs, academics, professionals, executives or advisers. They will typically have many years experience in the topic they are teaching, or accumulated relevant achievements. View some of our instructors.

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Anyone can attend. Everyone is a student.

Courses are designed with entrepreneurs in mind and are aimed at helping build and grow a business. But, whether you are a serial or beginner entrepreneur, a current student, working in a company or looking to change career, these courses will be valuable for you. They will provide a basic, practical skillset that are most valuable in building or growing a company, but can be used effectively in any setting.